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Wine Club

Updated: May 26

What is Wine Club?

Wine Club is where you get to try new wines! Every month Chalk 'n Cheese curates 4 different wines from our wine collection. Those who join Wine Club then are able to try one glass of each of these wines.

Why join Wine Club?

Who doesn't love wine? Whether you are new to wine or have been drinking wine for years, whether you just want a place to relax and talk with friends or you are on an adventure to try new things, or want to learn more about wine, Wine Club is the place to be!

How does Wine Club work?

Everyone who signs up for wine club gets a minimum 3 month subscription. Every month every wine club member gets 4 glasses of different wines that Chalk 'n Cheese chooses. The glasses can be claimed at any time. Do you want one glass every week? Two glasses every two weeks? Its up to you! Sharing with friends is acceptable.

How much is it?

Wine Club has a minimum 3 month subscription for a total of 12 glasses of wine. Wine club is $110 for each subscription.

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