"Wink" Board

  fig preserve                                                             Blue Stilton crumbles
  olive oil                                                                       freshly baked bread

 everyday sea salt & spices                                       grapes 

 1 cut block Mellow Cheddar                                     strawberries
 1 cut block aged White Cheddar


Take out a nice cutting board. This board will be a display for your "wink" appetizer. Next, cut three different kinds of cheese into a block or crumble sizes suitable for two people. After, find two petite dishes. These dishes will be a space for your fig preserve and olive oil mixed with everyday sea salt & spices. (For additional flavor; add a mixture of thyme and oregano to your olive oil & seasoning.) After, slice your freshly made bread. Place these on top of your cutting board; placing in a way that feels presentable to you. Finally, we need to garnish your board. The perfect garnishes are grapes & strawberries. The great part about this recipe is that you can adjust this to your liking. 

*Many of these ingredients can be found at Pairings at Chalk n' Cheese; just "meet us at the clock."

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