Pairings @ CnC
Cheese. Wine. Conversation.
Our Monthly Selection will be a red and white wine, each paired with a different cheese, and chocolates from The Chocolate Cellar. Great chocolates and great neighbors in our historic downtown.
$59.50 to include tax. Additionally, we will be giving 10% of these sales to Hospice of Laramie.

February Monthly Selection

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection: Syrah-Shiraz 2017

(The French name for this grape is Syrah, while in Australia it is referred to as Shiraz.)

We’ve selected this red because it’s a perfect wine to encompass the celebration of the New Year and Valentine’s in one. This 2017 vintage has a dark and dense color due to the extended growing season. The slow-paced harvest that year allowed the wine maker to be highly selective with the fruit. The nose has an intense cherry and clove aroma; with a concentrated and plush texture on the palate, known for its structure and exquisite lingering flavors finishing with a touch of minerality. Try it with the dark chocolate truffle from The Chocolate Cellar.

Paired with Emmenthaler Swiss, Switzerland

Emmentaler (or Emmental cheese) is a medium-hard cheese originating in the area around Emmental, Switzerland. Either term is correct: Emmental is the name of the place, while Emmentaler describes something from there, such as America vs. American. This cheese is pale yellow and has distinctive holes, or “eyes”. It has a hard, thin rind, with an aroma of sweet notes and a nutty/buttery flavor, with a slight fruity, acidic tone.


Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier Blend

The blend of Chenin Blanc with Viognier originated as an experiment by the winery.  Upon tasting their experiment, they realized they had created a masterpiece. It delivers a unique tapestry of flavors and aromas. Crisp, honeyed fruit from the Chenin Blanc with a plush body and stony fruit notes from the Viognier. Try it with the butter pecan milk chocolate truffle from The Chocolate Cellar.

Paired with Somerdale’s Wensleydale and Cranberry, England

Wensleydale is one of the oldest cheese varieties in England. It has a natural sweet acidity that compliments fruit. Plump ripe cranberries are added to the cheese creating sweet, juicy flavors, which also allows the cheese makers to avoid the use of any artificial sweeteners.


10% of Feb monthly selection sales will be donated to Hospice of Laramie

Wine Club

"Pairings @ CnC"


  • Minimum 3 month membership

  • 4 glasses of specality wines a month

  • Discount on purchase of any wine club bottle of the month

  • Discounts on events

  • Call for more details! 307-742-1800

  We are not pouring in house at this time, but we are working on a way to deliver your glasses to you.

Hopefully, soon!

 photo was taken at Stagsleap Winery, Napa, CA

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